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UI (User Interface)

In this course, participants will start from the ground up by learning how to implement modern web pages with HTML and CSS. Further the participants will enhance their web development knowledge by learning to create interactive pages by using popular scripting language called JavaScipt and Javascript library named jQuery. Design responsive web sites using BootStrap4 features. This course also offers the knowledge on implementing rich interactive single page applications using the most popular client front-end framework –Angular

Course: Web Development with HTML CSS ,BootStrap, JavaScript, JQuery and Angular Training Course
Duration: 160 Hours


  • • Design rich web pages using HTML tags and CSS.
    • Use HTML to design the structure of Web pages using markup.
    • Use various HTML elements such as Table, Lists, images and Forms.
    • Use CSS language that describes the style of an HTML document.
    • Use JavaScript with HTML to create interactive web pages , handle evnets, validate forms
    • Use jQuery light weight JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development
    • Use Bootstrap a front-end framework for faster and easier responsive web development
    • Use Angular – a JavaScript framework for building web applications. Creates an application that include various building blocks of Angular application such as Components, Modules, Directives, Pipes and Services

  • • Basic computer science and programming basics knowledge will be enough to get started with this course.
    • Graduate or post graduate students who are keen to learngow to design and develop web application using client front web technologies, framework & library.

  • • Anyone who aspires to learn the art of web development to make a career as Web Font-End Developer.
    • Anyone who is enthusiastic to learn how to build web sites using HTMl, CSS, Bootstrap, client front end libraries or frameworks.

  • • An online classroom should have system Visual Studio code, Web Browser: IE, Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox etc with latest version, Node.js, NPM, AngularCLI.

  • Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML) HTML5 -30 Hrs
    • Introduction to HTML, Basic Structure of HTML Document, HTML Basic tags with its attributes – Headers, styles, paragraphs, quotations, colors, comments, images, links, lists, tables, Block-level Elements, iframes, HTML File Paths, HTML layouts, designing HTML forms
    • HTML5 – HTML5 Introduction, HTML5 browser support, HTML5 New Elements, Create By –Surekha Y.P.
    • HTML5 Semantics – article, aside, details, figcaption,figure,footer,header\ main,mark,nav,section summary,time,
    • HTML Graphics – HTML Canvas and HTML SVG
    • HTML Media – audio and video
    • HTML APIs – HTML Geolocation, HTML Drag/Drop, HTML Web Storage, Web Workers
    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) -24 hrs
    • Introduction to CSS, CSS Syntax, CSS Colors, CSS Backgrounds, CSS Borders, CSS Margins, CSS Padding, CSS Height/Width, CSS Box Model
    • CSS Outline, CSS Text, CSS Fonts, CSS Icons,CSS Links, CSS Lists, CSS Tables, CSS Display
    • CSS Inline-block CSS Float , CSS Align, CSS Opacity, CSS Navigation Bar, CSS Dropdowns
    • CSS Image Gallery, CSS Forms, CSS Website Layout
    • CSS Rounded Corners, CSS Border Images, CSS Backgrounds, CSS Colors, CSS Gradients
    • CSS Text Effects, CSS Web Fonts, CSS 2D Transforms, CSS 3D Transforms, CSS Transitions, CSS Animations
    • CSS Tooltips, CSS Style Images, CSS Buttons, CSS Pagination, CSS Multiple Columns • CSS User Interface, CSS Variables, CSS Flexbox
    JavaScript – 24 hrs
    • JavaScript Introduction, basic scripting syntax- variable, operators, assignments, data types functions and const variables,
    • objects, strings , arrays, JS Date, JS Math, JS Conditions , JS loops, let
    • JS Object definitions, properties and methods, constructors
    • JS HTML DOM – DOM Introduction, DOM Methods, DOM Document, DOM Elements, DOM CSS, Dom Events and DOM Nodes CSS Responsive Web Design
    • JS Ajax – AJAX Introduction, AJAX XMLHttp, AJAX Request, AJAX Response, AJAX ASP
    BootStrap-4 – 20 Hrs
    • Introduction to BS4, BS4 Grid Basic, BS4 Typography, BS4 Colors, BS4 Images,
    • BS4 Tables, BS4 Jumbotron, BS4 Alerts, BS4 Buttons, BS4 Button Groups, BS4 Badges
    • BS4 Progress Bars, BS4 Spinners, BS4 Pagination,
    • BS4 List Groups, BS4 Cards, BS4 Dropdowns, BS4 Collapse,
    • BS4 Navs, BS4 Navbar, BS4 Tooltip
    • BS4 Forms, BS4 Inputs, BS4 Input Groups, BS4 Custom Forms, BS4 Carousel , BS4 Modal,BS4 Popover,
    • BS4 Flex, BS4 Media Objects
    • Bootstrap Grid System – BS4 Stacked/Horizontal, BS4 Grid XSmall and Small, BS4 Grid Medium , BS4 Large
    JQuery – 22 Hrs
    • Introduction to JQuery, jQuery Syntax, jQuery Selectors, jQuery Event handling
    • jQuery Effects – jQuery Fade, jQuery Animate, jQuery Hide/Show, jQuery stop()
    • jQuery functions – text(), html(), and val(), append(), after(), before(),remove()


    Course: Advance UI Developer Course
    Duration: 80 Hours


    • Overview of html, css, javascript, jquery and bootstrap
    • PSD to Web Template
    • Typescript
    • Angular 8
    • Repository Tool (Github)
    • Overview of React JS
    • Library of JavaScript (Moment Js and many more)
    • NPM overview(Node Package Manager)
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