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Java Programming Course Description

    JAVA is the best programming language in terms of opportunities, development and community support almost any question you can imagine has already been asked, answered, indexed, and democratically perfected through up votes on the Internet. It is seriously hard to stump a search engine with a Java coding problem.

    Java has a very rich API, and an incredible supporting open source ecosystem. There are tools upon tools for just about everything you would like to do. There’s also an amazing community driven process that ensures growth in the right direction

Course: Java Training Course
Duration: 120 Hours


  • • Introduction to JAVA
    • Basic Concepts
    • Architecture of JVM
    • Important Classes
    • Wrapper classes
    • Modifiers
    • Inheritance
    • Packages
    • Interface
    • Exception Handling
    • Multi Threading
    • Input/output (I/O)
    • Collection
    • AWT/Swing
    • Applet
    • Networking

  • • JDBC
    • Html/Css/Jscript/Xml
    • Servlet
    • JS
    • Design Patterns
    • Project

  • • Spring
    • Spring Boot
    • Hibernate
    • Web Services
    • Xml
    • GraphQL

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