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Industrial Automation Course Content

About Industrial Automation
Amount of knowledge and practical experience are time bounded and not well rendered by college, we are bringing industrial expert module to experience the real world activities to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

  • Equipped with practical experience
  • Self sufficient productivity from day 1
  • Less theory more practical
  • Learn under the expert guidance
We are one of the few Educational Academies that has an in house industrial team and Education activities under the same roof.
We come to your college as an Industrial partner. All our activities are focused on NAAC compliancy.

Value Proposition

Get Certified from Industry


Performance certificate examined & validated by Industry

Industrial Expert


Learn and execute the practical under a industrial expert guidance

Hands-on Practical


Workshop will more about practical so it will be less theory and more practica

Assured Internship


Internship program will filter performers to be get selected by industry to offer internship to work on live projects with expert

Job Placement Assistance


We have expert HR team who are working hardly to identify right market to place right candidate in right industry

Industrial Automation Course Content

Detailed Program Flow

5 Days of Industrial Domain Based Training
Day – 1 (6 Hours)
Part – 1
PLC technology
Advanced Electrical & Electronic concepts
  • MCB, Contactor, MCCB, Relay
  • Sensor and types (inductive, ultrasonic, color mark sensor, limit switch)
  • Medium voltage components
  • Temperature controllers (Delta DTC with RTD)
Day – 1 (6 Hours)
Part – 2
Basics of PLC
  • Introduction to IEC language
  • programming in Ladder
  • Programming elements -1
  • Programming elements -2
  • PLC project examples
Day – 2 (6 Hours)
Introduction to PLC functions
  • IEC languages – ST, CFC, Ladder
  • Introduction to CODESYS
  • Programming elements -3
  • Programming elements -4
  • Industrial communication
Day – 3 (6 Hours)
HMI Technology
Basics of Visualization
  • Introduction to HMI
  • Visualization techniques
  • Interface with PLC
  • HMI project example
Day – 4 (6 Hours)
Motion technology
Basics of Motion
  • Introduction to Servo,
  • Stepper, Encoder, VFD
  • Servo drive and motor
  • Intro to Encoder
  • Project example using Servo and Encoder
Day – 5 (6 Hours)
Knowledge application
and basics of robotics
  • Basic robotics and their application
  • Scope of knowledge in job market
  • Interview pointers
  • Q and A round

Portable Kits

Industrial Application