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    Database programming courses range from the general introduction to database programming to classes in specific programming languages such as C#, Java, and Perl. Students usually take these courses as part of a full certificate or degree program.

  Database programming classes are typically part of a computer programming, information technology, database design, or computer science degree program. These classes and courses can be found at every level of post-secondary education, from two-year colleges to graduate schools. Certificate programs in database programming also exist, especially with Oracle- or Microsoft-centric technologies.

  Students in a certificate or degree programs in the field usually learn to make and use simple databases and initiate simple queries before they begin studying the processes of using programming languages to develop more complex databases. Students also take courses that teach them to use structured query language (SQL) and make Web applications that utilize database technologies.

Course: Database Training Course
Duration: 3 Months


  • • Introduction
    • Writing Basic Sql Select Sts
    • Restricting and Sorting Data
    • Single-Row Functions
    • Disp Data from Multi Tables
    • Aggregating Data
    • Sub queries
    • Manipulating Data
    • Creating &Managing Tables
    • Including Constraints
    • Creating Views
    • Other Database Objects
    • Controlling User Access
    • SQL Workshop
    • Using SET Operators
    • Oracle Date time Functions

  • • Introduction to – PL SQL
    • Variables Datatypes,
    • Composite
    • Anonymous Block /
    • Procedure / Function
    • Packages
    • Control Structures
    • Looping
    • Triggers
    • Exceptional handling
    • Cursors
    • Large Objects
    • Advance functions &
    • procedures
    • Oracle supplied packages

  • • Advance sub queries
    • Hierarchical queries
    • Bulk DML operations
    • Extension of DDL statement
    • Performance Tuning
    • Good coding practices
    • Parallel operations
    • Data quality
    • Dataware Housing concepts
    • Dynamic SQL

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