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Communicative English Course Description

“Communicative English is a sequential language, it is the particularly popular language for personal computer programmers because it is relatively small — it requires less memory than other languages.”

Course: COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH – Grammar Brush-up
Duration: 25 days – 1 hour – Monday to Friday – customize timing


  • Verbs Tenses
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Passive and Active voice
  • Prepositions – on, in, by etc;
  • Phrase Prepositions: according to, in front of etc;
  • Vocabulary: minimum 1,500 words (handout),
  • Distinguish in word usage – all ready/ al ready/ altar/ alter and so on….
  • Spell Check
  • Homophone: words having the same sound as another but of diffeerent Meaning and spelling: example: Bear, Bare etc
  • Phrasal Verbs/Idioms – example: blow out / put out etc;
  • Pronunciation & silent words
  • Picture Composition – sentence construction by looking at the picture
  • Role Plays – situational conversation
  • Presentation – to speak on a givan topic (2 minutes)
  • Tips on how to improve hand writing
  • General Letter writing
  • Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Auxiliaries – Be, Have, Has Had, Would, Should Could Coouls, Do, Did, Does etc.
  • Brushing-up General Knowledge.
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